Since the start of Ultras World back in 2011, our goal was to promote the ultras mentality around the globe. We are not just a page, an organization, but we are a family who share the same values. This common passion made us start the exceptional clothing brand which represents what we stand for. Our hard work, commitment and innovation have brought us to this landmark, with an attempt to be the most recognizable ultras media to exist. Thence, we want to pass this through millions of fans around the world, a brand that stands for our principles. A brand made with superior materials to bring comfort and pride in everyday use. Starting our clothing brand is a fantastic achievement and we want to say a heartfelt thanks to each and everyone one of you for playing your part because without you there is no us, without ultras there is no future for football! We hope you support us by purchasing one of our products!

You’ll never understand if you’re not one of us!




(Our company Data: LIBERTA SEBASTIAN ZAWADZKI, NIP 9592062010 REGON 525215665
Adress: ul. Zofii Nałkowskiej 3/9, 25-546 Kielce, Poland)

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